How Do Intruder Alarms Work?

Security is important to everyone, whether it’s for our home or business, it’s vital that we feel safe and secure and that our property will be safe when we’re not there. It’s now become a necessity for many people to have intruder burglar alarms fitted to give them that extra peace of mind. The issue however is often that people don’t know what type of alarm they need and whether they should install wireless systems or not and how the installation is carried out. So which system should you choose and what are the benefits?


Burglar Alarm Types

When we talk about technology we are really spoiled for choice and it’s no different when considering home security. At Vantage Systems we offer wireless and wired alarms, for home and business and we provide a custom installation service to suit you. So what’s available?


Wireless Alarms

Wireless alarm systems offer a cleaner, easier system which can be less intrusive, with less wires and of course the option of remote management. The biggest argument over wired installations is often how carpets would need to be removed and disruption across the property. As with any other wireless technology, wireless burglar alarms are simple and easy to use, offering remote operation throughout the property. Some of our systems do still require a small amount of cabling however, nowhere near on the same scale as cabled systems. Ultimately, wireless alarms are a great solution for subtle, easier installations and operation, and they are significantly more reliable now than when they first appeared on the market.


Wired Alarms

These are still installed by many customers but there is the consideration of having to remove carpets in order to lay the cable and also temporary furniture removal to help installation.


Pyronix Wireless Intruder Alarm

The Pyronix is a two way wireless alarm, offering no mess and no disruption to your property. It comes with a Digi Wifi board as standard and connection to cloud storage for easy operation and remote control.


Commercial Intruder Alarm

Whether you have property in a business park or an independent building which requires security systems in place, Vantage Systems provide customers with a custom system design stage, surveying and guidance and advice on the best solution available for your property. Ongoing servicing and support is available and we will come out to your property and advise accordingly on what type of installation you will need.


How do the Burglar Alarms Work?

Our Wireless alarms will consist of a panel containing an onboard keypad and internal sound box, including a proximity reader which is operated with a tag for setting on and off. Generally this unit would be connected to the mains supply.

Most alarms are made up of at least one door contact to the main entrance or exits to the property and the passive infra red (PIRs) or movement sensors would be placed at the necessary risk points of the property. The alarm box would then communicate with all of the equipment and sensors via radio signals, which we always test during installation to ensure the signal strength is adequate. As well as comms between these devices, the panel box is constantly “talking” to each element to ensure they are active and fault free.



You are able to control these systems via a smartphone app and we provide customer keys/fobs to be able to manually adjust at the panel. We can install accordingly so that customers or keyholders can receive notification from the ARC (alarm receiving centre) and this can also provide police response if required.

Although our wireless systems are the most popular, we can also install wired systems to your property but these use a cable between the panel and the detectors which make installation trickier and result in more disruption, as well as not being as easily concealed within the home. However, should you need both, we can install a hybrid offering between wireless and wired which can sometimes be needed if there is a pre-existing alarm system installed but where there is a desire to improve functionality with radio detectors.