Intruder Alarm Wireless Installation

Highly Skilled Engineers

Our engineers are qualified and trained to the highest standard in order to install a range of intruder alarms securely and correctly to any type of property, commercial and domestic. At Vantage Systems we also ensure they can demonstrate the ability and understanding that is required to install intruder alarm systems to meet our typical high standard

We are fortunate in that all of our team have originally gained their skills from many years in the industry and have acquired wide experience from “time served” as qualified engineers. There are only some things that you can learn in a classroom and installing a burglar alarm to an 18th century grade II listed house for example, is not one of them. We firmly believe that experience is the key to an excellent installation.

Vantage Systems install and maintain hundreds of insurance approved wireless burglar alarms for domestic and commercial properties each year and we have the ability and high level of experience to install wired, wireless or hybrid systems with the minimum amount of disruption to you and your property. From cottages to large country houses and from shopping centres to schools, we have successfully installed alarms regionally across a multitude of projects and hundreds of customers.

So how do intruder alarms work?

Domestic Intruder Alarm Systems

The Enforcer Red Vantage alarm system offers wireless security with a range of accompanying accessories and peripherals which enhance the functionality. The full alarm system provides complete coverage of your home, including external sounders, motion detectors, smoke detectors, contact sensors and wireless keypads for easy management and control.

This system allows sync with up to 64 wireless and 34 wired devices. The easy set up offers a cleaner way to install this security system throughout the property, without the need for removing carpets and furniture and causing disruption.

Red Enforcer Alarm System

Protect your home with the Red Enforcer Alarm system, offering a wireless security solution that eliminates the need for disruption during installation and full control through associated peripherals.

The Enforcer Red system offers:

  • User Friendly Programming
  • Pro Control+ management (for flexible operation)
  • Intelligent Arming (detecting when and where you set the alarm from)
  • Battery Monitoring which provides up to date battery life monitoring and smart power modes (sleeping when detection not required)
  • Audible Sounders for visual deterrent
  • Contact Sensors for monitoring doors and windows
  • Motion Detectors (with pet tolerance)

Secure Your Home

Offering a visual and audible deterrent against burglars and home break-ins, the Deltabell sounder alarm is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want a full wireless installation. Peace of mind is important and the Deltabell provides an audible and visual deterrent.

The system can easily be set up to the cloud service using the Pro Control + App enabling the user to set and unset the alarm or receive notifications from the alarm if required. Other forms of connection to the cloud are also available.

Pyronix Wireless Intruder Alarm

Protecting your home from a break-in is everything and with our fully customisable range of multi-award winning security solutions, we guarantee a system that will meet all of your expectations and leave you satisfied that your home is secure.

The Enforcer 32-WE is a two way wireless burglar alarm system that comes with a Digi Wifi board as standard.


As a sounder alarm installation, it includes:

  • Sabotage Protection with front and rear protection
  • Status LEDs offering alternate flashing for “active” visual deterrent
  • Secure hardware solution for anti-tampering – Full sealed and weather-proof



Domestic Installations Made Easy

If you just can’t bear the thought of your carpets coming up there is a solution. We can install a wireless burglar alarm system which obviously negates the need for cabling (although some of our systems will still require a small amount of cabling). Even with wireless solutions there are sometimes requirements for cable installations, however, this is kept to a minimum where possible and we always plan out and prepare accordingly to ensure there is minimum disruption to you and to prioritise care and attention when moving household objects or furniture. Everything is accounted for and assessed beforehand to give you peace of mind.

Until recently, ‘wireless’ alarms were treated with a bit of skepticism and sometimes this was quite rightly justified as some systems proved to be unreliable and problematic.

Now the UK seems to be following the rest of Europe and the USA in developing, producing and marketing excellent ‘wireless’ systems which are on a par with more traditional wired systems.

Commercial Intruder Alarm Systems

Commercial Intruder Alarm Installation

Vantage Systems provide security solutions to businesses throughout South Wales. From business parks to retail chains with 100+ shops. We excel at adapting to the specific needs of each individual customer, so that they get the solution which is right for them. We can help any new customer from the initial system design stage right the way through to handover and ongoing servicing and support.

  • Survey & Design
  • Liaise with third parties – Insurers, Police, Managing Agents etc
  • Installations / Take-Overs
  • Various Maintenance Packages
  • All types of Alarm Monitoring
  • 24hr Emergency Engineer Support

Wireless Notification and Remote Monitoring

Intruder Alarms with Remote Monitoring

Our intruder alarm systems can be set up to communicate with an ARC alarm receiving centre for
notice of an alarm or fault condition as appropriate.

The ARC alarm receiving centre will appropriately deal with issue as instructed by calling key holders or summoning the police if required.

Why Choose Vantage Systems?

SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board) approved and Vantage Systems are a Police and Insurance Industry Compliant company.

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