Business CCTV Guide

Security cameras have been used across commercially and domestically for decades now but the technology used has obviously improved and accessibility has taken a big step forward. Whereas perhaps previously only the wealthy could afford infra-red cameras and remote CCTV systems for their home or business, these packages are now much more affordable and easier to use.

With any business, owners want to feel that their property and belongings are safe whilst also protecting their staff on the premises throughout the working day as well as at night time and most CCTV systems offer this assurance and peace of mind through technological advancements which provide efficient, easy access to footage and quick storage options. But what are the main reasons for using CCTV and what considerations are there for adhering to GDPR rules?


Why Use CCTV for Business?

CCTV has evolved over the years and is now used for not only commercial properties but also widely in domestic settings, due to the lower cost and easier setup process. But why bother with CCTV? Ultimately, many people don’t see the value in having cameras present on their property but it’s clear that many of these advanced systems act as a great deterrent to would-be thieves. They have the potential to make someone think twice before breaking in or stealing property and this can only be a good thing for any homeowner or business owner. Contact us for more details on our CCTV installation service in Newport or discuss an appointment with our CCTV installers in Cardiff. Read more on the CCTV installation cost associated for commercial and domestic projects.

Just some of the key benefits of introducing an effective CCTV system include:

  • Added security to property
  • Peace of mind and confidence whilst the property is empty
  • Great for insurance and overall costs
  • Safety for staff and private residential areas
  • CCTV footage can be used as evidence in court should it be required
  • Deterrent against repeat offenders and break-ins


Aside from the many benefits of using CCTV, it’s an investment in the property itself, with many houses now using monitoring systems or even “dummy” alarm and camera models (with no connectivity or actual recording facility) to act at least as a deterrent. The public are now more conscious of theft and burglary and are prepared to do anything to protect their property. 

The versatility of these systems has increased over the years and they are now used in so many applications, including:

  • Surveillance
  • Security
  • Monitoring at work
  • Security for gated communities
  • Public Parks
  • Anti-social behaviour deterrent
  • Enforcement agencies and Government (police, courts)


So What CCTV System do I need?

Everyone will have different needs and it will of course depend on the property installation itself and the environmental conditions involved but there are many systems to choose from, and it’s important you adopt the correct one. The best way to ensure you employ the right system is to arrange a surveyor visit to be able to provide a proper assessment and advise accordingly. The questions you should consider are:

  • Is it for monitoring?
  • Is it for commercial or domestic use?
  • Where is the placement?
  • Is audio important?
  • Is it just a deterrent or does it need to be functional?
  • Is the aim of the system to catch criminal activity?
  • Is visual clarity important?
  • Do you need 24/7 protection and night recording or just in the day?
  • Do you need on-site storage for easy immediate access?
  • Do you require remote monitoring?


That’s a lot of questions and obviously some won’t apply to every scenario but it’s worth considering the key questions and factors such as placement, audio and visual requirements, purpose of the system and access to storage needs. With so many choices now it can be a complex process to decide what should be installed but as with any technical decision, it should come down to what gets the job done.

Visual and audio are extremely important factors for some businesses, as monitoring may be required for various reasons. Clarity of visual feed is crucial if the footage has the potential to be used in court or for insurance purposes for instance and of course, night time recording can be useful for factories or facilities where there may be a high crime rate or concern over break-ins and theft. Sensor movement is another option although quite expensive but it can be a godsend to property owners who need remote alerts when something is happening on their premises. Any surveyor will assess the property and area and should be able to advise appropriately what system would best suit your needs.


Is a Network needed for CCTV to be effective?

There is a benefit to having a CCTV system working over a network, however, it’s not a necessity if there isn’t something in place. As with the choice of system, it’s optional which type of setup you choose depending on your needs. There are camera systems which are suitable for network communications which will upload images and footage remotely, over a wired network or mobile network. This is handy because it makes the footage accessible and easily retrievable by the owner but you don’t have to be connected to the internet for CCTV systems to be effective.

Many CCTV setups offer local storage but this will of course severely reduce the level of access but provides a cheaper, less maintenance-heavy solution. Memory cards and hard drives would be the primary data storage hardware and there are even configurations to allow no-power source options including battery operated cameras, as well as cellular-connected setups to avoid using wifi or cabled solutions.

Obviously, networked cameras, one way or the other, provide a more flexible solution for not only access to storage but also for live monitoring, allowing real-time notifications to mobile phones and desktop computers for easy management. This is without doubt the recommended choice where possible, with video backup to FTP servers and cloud storage offering the best package benefits. However, it’s clear that local storage and no-network options are favoured by those customers who need a more simple setup at lower cost and these are certainly still effective as crime deterrents and bolstering security.


Business CCTV Laws & Commercial CCTV GDPR

There can be a fine line when operating a CCTV system especially when it is monitoring staff in a workplace and this is where owners need to know what they can and can’t record. Data has become a precious commodity but also a precarious one when it comes to privacy and overall ownership of data and this includes footage of someone’s “likeness”.


Is CCTV Covered by GDPR?

CCTV is ideal for monitoring staff and protecting your business using data back-up for recordings however, there are important rules to follow with regards to legal requirements and also how it fits into the world with GDPR.

GDPR is General Data Protection Regulation and this was introduced in order to protect people’s data and privacy particularly on websites. It directly affected website cookies which recorded your movements per page on a website. However, GDPR is not exclusively bound to online activities and actually comes into play with security cameras as well and because of this, there are considerations for how you operate your CCTV. Especially if it’s in a public space.


  • You are responsible as to the recordings and who can see them and have access to them
  • You must tell people (either personally or via signage) that they are being recorded
  • Ensure you only use the system as intended and not for other purposes (spying, invasion of personal privacy etc.)
  • Allow anyone to see the images if they’ve requested it and you have recorded them
  • You cannot charge for viewing the footage if someone has requested to see it and it contains their likeness.
  • You are required to provide the images for viewing within 1 month of the request
  • If installed in a business for security, you must not use it solely for other purposes such as staff monitoring (rather than intended purpose).



Business CCTV Installation

Enhance your business security with a full complement of security installations including a range of utilities fit for purpose that suits your business. As with domestic security, business property requires constant protection, on the outside as well as the inside and we can install state of the art technology to monitor your property at any time, remotely or on-site. Our remote video solutions are perfect for keeping tabs on your business wherever you are in the world and with enhanced control systems in place, it’s never been easier to manage your security.
Just some of the advanced access control system solutions we can install include:


  • High Definition CCTV Cameras
  • Audio & Video Door Entry Systems
  • Stand Alone Consoles
  • GSM Based Intercoms
  • Electronic Keypads
  • Maglocks
  • Mechanical Code Locks
  • Window and Door Security Shutters
  • Electric Shoot Bolts

We can also install fire alarm integrations and remote administration capabilities with event log options for keeping track of historic events. The biggest draw for many businesses however, is for nighttime recording solutions which offer infrared and night vision capabilities. The ability to obtain clear imaging means that business owners are able to monitor their property space and potential security risks at night, knowing that everything is recorded and backed up on or offsite


Upgrade Your Business Security With No Fuss

Normally a full installation can take longer than an upgrade. However, if you are upgrading existing systems already in place, we can use the same cable infrastructure potentially or build in new ones but with as little disruption to your business as possible. We’ll find the easiest, most efficient approach to install your camera system and make it as cost effective as possible.

Perhaps you already have a CCTV system in place but require an HD upgrade or night time solution for recording. We can assess the property and plan out how we can provide you with the right installation. Low light levels are a problem in some environments but with high quality infra-red technology, this is no longer a concern and enhanced video quality is now available day and night.


Security and Peace of Mind

Not only will our security systems provide remote monitoring of potential security threats to your business and property but it can also be helpful in offering safety and productivity management. You can monitor staff and customers to ensure everything is running smoothly and ensure operations are as they should be. Security is the focus of these systems but remote management and reliable backup recording adds an extra layer of value.



A Complete Service Across Newport and Cardiff

We operate across South Wales and provide installation for CCTV systems and fire risk assessments in Newport and Cardiff. Contact us for availability and appointments on how we can help you.