Our CCTV systems offer versatility and reliability across a variety of hardware choices, including the light camera system which is effective in any scenario. This CCTV camera provides a built-in alarm and two way talk feature, as well as being able to light up dark spots and gives preventative measures to ward off intruders with a built-in alarm you can trigger when ready.

The light camera gives full compatibility with the Pro Control app which allows remote management. The illumination function offers dual lights which produce a combined brightness of 2500 lumens and gives you complete visibility on your recording, as well as an effective preventative security measure via two-way talk to be able to audibly warn off intruders.

Effective Security For Your Home

  • Built in Siren at 100db
  • Two Way Talk to ward off intruders
  • 3D Digital Noise reduction in Complete darkness
  • Pro Control+ app remote management
  • Full illumination with 2500 lumens and 270 degree PIR sensor
  • Fully customisable installation for motion sensitivity and detection areas to suit your needs

Light Camera Technical Specification

  • Resolution at 1080p
  • Max Resolution 1920x1080p at 25fps
  • Video Compression H.264
  • IR Range up to 18 metres
  • Field of view at 140 degrees diagonal and 115 degrees Horizontal
  • Frame Rate available at 50Hz at 25fps
  • Local Storage supports Micro-SD card up to 128gb

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CCTV is often used and recommended by local authorities and police forces as a major means of crime prevention and detection. It is amongst the most cost effective means of enhancing your security.

Installing the Latest CCTV Technology

CCTV Technology

New technology and advances in different fields such as mobile communications and Internet video streaming means there is now more choice than ever. Prices have fallen dramatically meaning that a sophisticated system once the domain of blue chip companies is now within the reach of almost any budget.

The effectiveness of CCTV means it is increasingly incorporated as part of the security solution, often integrated with intruder alarms and access control systems.

CCTV Recorded & Monitored

Offsite Storage Backup

Our CCTV systems can record images constantly to hard-drives (DVRs) allowing instant and easy access to the stored images. When combined with broadband and a router, images from your premises can be securely viewed via the internet from anywhere in the world.

Offering additional peace of mind, our remote monitoring and backup systems provide an offsite solution with minimum fuss. By maintaining storage offsite, this adds an extra layer of protection which offers security and ensures there is no danger of tampering or instances of “missing footage”. Access to the digital files is quick and easy, with instant access available and simple transfer methods over a quick network.

Alarm Monitoring Round the Clock

Our alarm receiving centre can provide round the clock off-site remote monitoring of images and will alert you and authorities should an alarm be tripped. With constant recording 24 hours a day, as well as alarm monitoring during those times you are not at home or at the property, alarm trips will be reported immediately and handled appropriately, based on prearranged conditions set by you. You can be confident that your home is secure and protected by a reliable, advanced technology solution, providing peace of mind every time you step outside the door.

Why Choose Vantage Systems?

Vantage Systems is one of the areas leading installers of professional CCTV systems. We have installation and servicing experience right the way through from small domestic installations to large IP CCTV systems with access control and intruder alarm integration.

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